A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a 2D-Puzzle-Platformer where you can control the color of the background. Some blocks become invisible because of that. And of course, what you can't see isn't there!
Created for the Puzzle Game Jam from 8 bits to Infinity


Controls (Changeable in options)

- Use 'a' and 'd' to go to left and right

- Use 'space' to jump

- Use 's' to change the color of the background to make new things visible

- Use 'e' to pickup boxes

- Use 'r' to reset / kill yourself

- Use 'TAB' to go back

- Use 'ESC' to close game

Blocks / Objects

- Standard blocks (Black or White) disappear when the background has the same color
     Note:  Some blocks are always there

- Reach the Goal (Green / Cyan) to win

- Spikes (Red) kill you when you touch them

- Boxes (differently colored center) can be picked up and stood on
     Note: Boxes with cyan and green in the Center disappear
                   while boxes with black or white centers are always visible

- Switches (Green / Cyan) change the color of blocks
     Note: Switches aren't always visible

- But most important:
     Find the cake for the true ending!


Ideas - Hygoto, Stegoratops

Programming - Stegoratops

Level-Design - Hygoto, Stegoratops

Soundtrack - Stegoratops

Note: having a higher resolution than 1080p might cause lag


BaW.linux32.zip 78 MB
BaW.linux64.zip 78 MB
BaW.linux-arm64.zip 78 MB
BaW.linux-armv6hf.zip 78 MB
BaW.windows32.zip 78 MB
BaW.windows64.zip 78 MB


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