This game was created for the Horror Humor Jam from 8-bits to infinity.


You wake up in a dark place. You don't know where you are. The only things you know: You are not alone and you want to get out. For that you need to get the four keys and escape through from where you started.

Controls (Changeable)

Use WASD to move around.
Use the Mouse to Aim
Use Mouse Buttons to activate your Equipment
Use the Mouse Wheel to change your Equipment

Hygoto - Leveldesign, Art

Stegoratops - Programming, Music, Art


Download 59 MB
Download 61 MB
Download 62 MB


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Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Horror Humor Jam Feedback from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Seems fun. Perhaps the light is a bit too small (i really couldn't see where i was going which, while im sure is the point, makes navigation a bit of a headache). I really liked how music changed when encountering a monster (though i did have audio issue -maybe its an issue with my computer though).